Background Check

Car Analytics was launched in 2016 with one goal in mind; to offer free vehicle history check to the used car buyers’ community. Our low-cost, in-depth free vehicle history reports, sourced from trusted partners, have rapidly become the used car buyer community’s number one choice. Car Analytics is a multiple award winner and has received many accolades, namely – the Best Vehicle History Checking Service, which we received from the Small and Medium Enterprise News and the Best Vehicle Data Check Provider UK from the Global Automotive Awards, both in 2020.

What checks are included in the basic report?

  • Number of Previous Owners / Keepers History
  • Number Plate Change History
  • Colour Change
  • Scrapped
  • VIC Inspected
  • VIN or Chassis
  • Engine Number
  • Car Valuation

Why Choose Car Analytics ❤️?

Receive the Most Affordable Car Check – Instantly

With the rate of just £8.95 / £6.99, not only are we the most affordable car check service in the UK, we provide the most reliable, cheapest car check services in the UK. Check out how Car Analytics compares with other car checker companies.

Backed by Trusted Partners

From the DVLA, Insurance Companies, Finance Houses to the Police National Computer, MIAFTR, and other providers, we use every available, dependable source to provide you with the most comprehensive data about your vehicle.

Benefit from Discounts and Subscription Plans

Not only will you receive the cheapest car check service, all additional checks are priced at £6.99. Furthermore, our Trade Check Silver and Gold subscription plans allow you to save up to £100.

Background Check


Input your car reg number.


Select your vehicle and browse through your free report.


Need more info? Select the full report option with the chepaest price in the UK!

What checks are included in the full report?

  • All information from the basic report
  • Outstanding Finance Check
  • Insurance Write-Off (Total loss) Check
  • Police Stolen Check
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • High risk check
  • Mileage anomaly


What is an HPI check?
What is an HPI check?

An HPI Check is a trademark for vehicle data check service from HPI Ltd UK. It requires you to provide your vehicle’s plate number to find any red flags against it. The instant report you get from HPI warns you against outstanding finance, insurance write-off, police stolen, a mileage discrepancy, MOT failures etc.

Are all HPI checks created equal?
Are all HPI checks created equal?

No two checks are created equal in the UK; however, the information car data companies provide are more or less the same. Either you go for the free HPI Check or our full data check service to get the most critical information. It includes the number of previous owners, plate change history, details of insurance write-off, outstanding finance, Police stolen check, and so on.

We get all these details from the same sources the HPI uses, including the Police Records (PNC), DVLA, SMMT, DVSA, MIAFTR, and dealerships, among others. Hold on, do you know Is It Worth Getting an HPI Check or not?

How to do an HPI check on a car?
How to do an HPI check on a car?

he fascinating thing about knowing a car’s history is the Instant vehicle check report you can get online with just a single click. The process is straightforward. If you want to go for HPI Check, open the HPI site, give your vehicle’s registration number, and pay them £9.99 or £19.99 to get the report immediately.

With us, the procedure is pretty much the same. The only difference is our service is pocket-friendly, as you will be paying only £8.95.

You decide! (Prices and data above, as of 26th June 2020, E&OE). Go through the complete information about Who Has the Cheapest HPI Check?